BD Rebuilder beta CURRENT VERSION 0.50.03 (January 21st, 2014)

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Beta BD Rebuilder beta CURRENT VERSION 0.50.03 (January 21st, 2014)

BD-RB v0.50.03 (beta)

- Improved prediction of audio size when auto ALTERNATE audio bitrate an a target size is selected.
- Added a new audio option to the SETUP dialog that enables use of a special type of Dynamic Range Compression. This option will improve some audio tracks where quieter sounds, like conversations, can be lost due to playback volume adjustments needed for louder sounds.
- Added a new hidden option AUDIO_DRC_FACTOR which sets a factor for amount of Dynamic Range Compression. See HIDDENOPTS.TXT
- Corrected an issue with automatic ALTERNATE audio bitrate settings when a target size has been selected (resulting in "Audio is too large for target" dialog).
- Corrected an issue in which restarting from an aborted encode while forced subtitles are enabled might result in the subtitles not being displayed by default. This would also apply to ALTERNATE encodes using SupTitle.
- Corrected an issue in which forced subtitles in multipart movie-only titles did not work properly.
- Added a hidden option MPEG2_DIRECTSHOW. If set to "1" it will disable DGDECODE.DLL as the decoder for MPEG-2 via AVISYNTH (when in Directshow mode) and use DirectshowSource() instead. The default is "0" (OFF). It is not recommended to change the default except as required for very special circumstances.
- Corrected a problem in which it is possible, under certain circumstances that a segment of a multipart movie-only encode might get flagged to keep intact while other parts are encoded.
- Updated the included version of X265.EXE to a newer release (01/08/2015).
- Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.

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