[Guide]Why can’t I get wanted audio and subtitles in ripped Blu-ray/DVD movie?

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[Guide]Why can’t I get wanted audio and subtitles in ripped Blu-ray/DVD movie?

Post by Doris014 on Fri Nov 14, 2014 9:03 am

Here is a brief guide to show you the correct way to get wanted audio tracks and subtitles when ripping Blu-ray or DVD.


“My problem is very simple. When I want to copy directly the DVD or the Blu-ray disc, I choose my language: Italian.
But, although I CHOOSE MY LANGUAGE IN ITALIAN, the directly copy is still in English audio.
In other format like MKV/AVI, there’s no problem.
How can I fix it”?

Let’s check below screenshot.

See the “Subtitles’ and “Audio” box, both the two options are made for common one-track presets. The subtitles you choose will be burn into to video, which means you will not be able to turn off it when playback. Also you will be able to choose one audio track, thus only one audio in the ripped video.

As mentioned, the subtitles and audio track option only work with common presets. It won’t affect the output file if you choose “Directly Copy” or “Multi-track Video”.

Directly Copy: it’s a preset to let you copy out the main title or extras in a lossless format. If your disc is a blu-ray, it will copy out a *.m2ts files; and if you load a DVD, it will give you a *.vob file. Therefore, it will keep all the original audio tracks and subtitles, so that you can free choose wanted languages when watching.

Multi-track Video: there’re several presets under “Multi-track Video” column: MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV (and ProRes in Mac version only). All of these multi-track presets can let you free choose wanted audio tracks (can save all) before conversion by clicking “Settings” icon.

(choose wanted audio tracks)

(choose subtitles)

FYI: Multi-track Video feature is only available in Pavtube ByteCopy.
Windows: http://www.multipelife.com/bytecopy
Mac: http://www.multipelife.com/bytecopy-mac


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