Happy Fathers Day !!

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Happy Fathers Day !! Empty Happy Fathers Day !!

Post by Alby on Mon Sep 08, 2014 10:34 am

Happy Fathers Day for yesterday Andrew.
Get up to anything ?

Had a nice day ... Barby for lunch ... I cooked.. visited my dad earlier.

Now get this... The girls told me they were taking me out for ice-cream after tea.. I thought... gee... that'd be a nice finish to the day.
Well... Chucked on some nice clothes... and Steph drove the 4 of us into town (Mandy stayed home).
I was just about to say "where is the ice-cream place" when we parked..... SURPRISE!!! they shouted We are taking the night tour of the Old Geelong Gaol !! We pulled up outside this forbidding main entrance. We always talked about going.....

It was awesome !! and worse at night ! I loved it. The tour guide new her stuff ... As we went through various places we shut doors behind us as she didn't want to have to do it by herself after we left. Em reckons she saw a figure move out and back in a cell. Zoe saw something as well. I heard a few noises.... We all piled into one of the Solitary Confine Cells... the guide didn't.. . said the doorway was as far as she'd go and spoke from there. They wouldn't go into the kitchen by themselves. The Jail closed in the early 90's. There was no plumbing in the cells. You 2 buckets, fresh water and s**t bucket. Apparently Mark Chopper Read spent a couple visits and labelled it the worst.... (have look at the movie Çhopper' with Eric Banner ). I actually went there in the early 80's. We (Barwon Water) had a volleyball side and the prisoners had one as well but we had to gó ínside' to their courtyard to play the game. "Don't look them in the eye"was the only advise we got.... we lost of course....
We want to go back and do the investigation tour next.....There were a few cells and rooms you just hated being in... Can't wait to go back. Have a look at the TV show Haunted Australia or Most Haunted Australia... They do a session in the Geelong Gaol ..... Now having watched it and gone where they did..... phewor !

One of the very best Fathers Days !!! Love my daughters.
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Happy Fathers Day !! Empty Re: Happy Fathers Day !!

Post by sanshoe on Tue Sep 09, 2014 4:18 am

Quiet day for me Al.

We have Maitland Gaol / Jail for those over seas, they actually have a former inmate who gives you the real tour, and gives you the low down on the real happenings that went on there.
Ivan Millat was there for a while, a real nasty piece of work according to the guide.

Go Swans!!! dothewave dothewave dothewave dothewave dothewave dothewave
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