CURRENT VERSION 0.48.01 (August 23rd, 2014)

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Beta CURRENT VERSION 0.48.01 (August 23rd, 2014)

BD-RB v0.48.01 (beta)

- Added FFVideoSource() as the defaut decoding
 option.  This means that FFDSHOW and HAALI
 are no longer required for operation (except
 when support for DirectshowSource is forced).
 Note: When this option is selected MPEG-2
 decoding is accomplished by DGDecode.
- Added a new hidden option DSHOW which will
 allow BD-RB to be used with DirectShow, this
 would require HAALI and FFDSHOW.  It is not
 recommended unless problems are encountered
 as it may be discontinued in future releases.
- Corrected an error in which Quick-Play title
 edits were not kept when the source was not
 writable (e.g. mounted ISO or BD Drive).
- Added a checkbox under "Import/Quick-Play
 Settings" that instructs BD-RB to apply the
 audio/subtitle language filters defined in
 the SETTINGS dialog when importing a BD or
 DVD source.  This allows you to remove any
 unwanted audio/subtitle tracks before any
 subsequent reencoding/rebuilding.
- Modified video file import routine so that
 1440x1080 sources are examined and those
 with 16:9 ratio do not have borders added.
- Corrected an error in which 3D M2TS streams
 that are used for angles may not be properly
 flagged as 3D.  This could result in playback
 failure when one of the alternate angles,
 typically related to non-original language,
 is selected.
- Added new hidden option MENU_CUSTOM_COLOR and
 added "custom" as a color selection for use
 with MENU_ACTIVE_COLOR in Quick-Play and
 Import menus.  See HIDDENOPTS.TXT.
- Added new hidden option MENU_FONT.  This will
 allow you to set the font used Quick-Play menus
 to be customized with any legal font. Note: Any
 specified unavailable font name will result in
 the Arial font (the BD-RB default).
- Added an algorithm so that if none of the
 audio tracks in your SETUP list is present in
 the source, at least one language is kept --
 and your chosen default subtitle language is
 forced on.
- Added a new hidden option SHUTDOWN_REBOOT that
 will reboot rather than shutdown when selected.
 See HIDDENOPTS.TXT for more information
- Added the ability to perform IVTC on 720p
 sources when forced via the IVTC_SELECTION
 hidden operation.
- Fixed an issue in which importing certain oddly
 sized video file sources with IMPORT_PAL_TO_NTSC
 set can result in illegally sized output.
- Removed bicubic as a resize option.  Bicubic
 could cause errors and blank video during output
 to ALTERNATE selections due to differences in
 filter parameter format.
- Updated the included version of X264.EXE to the
 latest release (r2453).
- Updated the included version of X264-64.EXE to
 the latest release (r2453).
- Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.

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