Missing memory on HDD

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Missing memory on HDD

Post by Alby on Mon Jun 30, 2014 11:26 am

Hey again guys,
Story to begin with... We have a number of PC's in our visitors centre down at our Treatment Plant. They run displays,games etc.
There are times when the units fail and times when it's cheaper to replace...
I now have the ok to grab what I want out of the broken machines before they are disposed of.
I have a number of 160G internal HDDs. a 500 and 750G as well and are going well in the twin docking station.
The 'problem child' is the 1TB.
It has been partitioned and upon exploring it only comes up with a 139G and 10G drive.
Tried formatting....the long way... no joy.

Where is the rest of the memory ? Is there a way around it ? or something secure...
Or plain saying....maybe it's stuffed and chuck it.
I got it for nothing so I'm not worried but a 1TB drive would be handier than 5 160GB's

Any advice would be good please fellas.

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