Three ways to lossless backup a Blu-ray/DVD movie with Pavtube

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Three ways to lossless backup a Blu-ray/DVD movie with Pavtube

Post by Doris014 on Fri Apr 04, 2014 9:17 am

Hello everyone! Glad to share my experience here:)

As Pavtube does not support exporting ISO image files directly, some of you may wonder how to get a lossless Blu-ray/DVD movie copy with Pavtube programs? No worries, we still have three different options for you to get it done.

1. Full Disc Copy.
2. Directly Copy
3. Lossless MKV

Firstly let’s get started with commercial Blu-ray and DVD file structure.

There’re many folders and files inside a Blu-ray disc if you open on computer. But the real video is saved in BDMV>STREAM folder, divided into many small clips in format of *.m2ts.

DVD is much simpler. Open your DVD on computer and you will find a Video_TS folder, there’re many *.VOB, *.IFO and *.BUF files inside. The VOB files are real video.

Ok now let’s start with Pavtube Bytecopy

1. Full Disc Copy
It’s the simplest. In short, by clicking the “Full Disc Copy” icon, you will get a 1:1 copy exactly as the original disc including all the files and folders without any compression.
It will appear as an intact BDMV folder which can be opened by most Blu-ray players on computer.

2. Directly Copy
By hitting the “Format” list, we can find a “Copy” column with a single “Directly Copy” in it.
If you choose this way to backup your disc, you will get an intact M2TS (as mentioned in Blu-ray structure) or VOB (DVD) video file. All the extracts, warnings, previews will not be included but the movie itself. Another uncompressed way.
Your M2TS or VOB file can be opened by third party players like VLC Player.

3. Lossless MKV
Note: Method 1 and Method 2 are available in all Pavtube disc backup tools while lossless MKV can only be found in Pavtube ByteCopy (Windows) or ByteCopy for Mac (Mac).

Click “Format” and choose “Multi-track Video>Lossless/encoded Multi-track MKV (*.mkv)”, hit “Settings”. You will be able to choose “encode” (compress) video/audio or not. In this case, you are suggested to uncheck all the “encode” options.
Output file is MKV but it’s also lossless because the original video&audio are wrapped in MKV container format without compression. In more cases, MKV format are much friendly on computers and many other devices like WD TV.

Feel free to download a trial via, no time limit trails!

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