CURRENT VERSION 0.46.05 (January 25th, 2014)

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Beta CURRENT VERSION 0.46.05 (January 25th, 2014)

BD-RB v0.46.05 (beta)

- Modified the log display so that messages
that do not apply to 3D backups are not
displayed during 3D mode.
- Added a new option under the SETTINGS
dialog, By selecting "Process 3D Video
sources as 2D for backup", you can tell
BD-RB to create 2D backups of 3D sources.
- Fixed an error in which the DOWNRESIZE
hidden option was not being properly set
during initialization.
- Added a new hidden option. MENU_TOP allows
you to set the highermost pixel of the menu
item selection area for Quick-Play and
IMPORT menus. See HIDDENOPTS.TXT for more
- Corrected the TSMUXER meta file to include
proper settings for 3D subtitles (a hat tip
goes to HWK for helping).
- Added two new hidden settings. Adding the
to the config/INI options area will force
software decoding and/or software encoding.
The default is autodetection.
- Modified conditions so that VC-1 interlaced
sources no longer disables LAVF decoding.
The updated LAVF demuxer included in newer
releases of X264 can handle VC-1 interlaced
video now.
- Created a workaround for an issue in which
oddly muxed MKV files could, during video
file import result in a"ERROR: Collecting
video file streams." error.
- Modified routines so MVC sources are also
checked and can be kept intact when they
are already small enough to fit on a BD-25+
- Updated code so that side-by-side and other
types of alternate 3D formats sources no
longer requires DirectshowMVCSource to be
installed (a third party package requiring
a license). Decoding for SBS from MVC is now
accomplished via FRIMSource().
- Fixed a problem with some multi-part sources
that could result in a "ERROR in attempt to
mux (MKVMERGE)" error when ALTERNATE output
has been selected.
- Updated the included version of TSMUXER to
a newer release (v2.6.12).
- Updated the included version of X264.EXE to the
latest release (r2389).
- Updated the included version of X264-64.EXE to
the latest release (r2389).
- Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.

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