BD Rebuilder CURRENT VERSION 0.46.03 (January 11th, 2014)

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Beta BD Rebuilder CURRENT VERSION 0.46.03 (January 11th, 2014)

BD-RB v0.46.03 (beta)

- Added fully BD compliant 3D support for
 movie-only backups. SBS and O/U 3D output
 is still supported via selection of the
 "Enable SBS 3D Movie-Only output" option
 in the setup menu and the "TYPE_OF_3D"
 hidden option output, but is not the pre-
 ferred 3D method. NOTE: This feature
 requires Windows 7 or higher, and will be
 disabled on lower O/S versions.
- Created a new hidden option, OUTPUT_3D_ISO.
 By default movie-only backups are written
 directly to an ISO image for burning rather
 than a folder.  Setting this option to "0"
 will create a folder instead. Note: Using
 the folder option will result in degraded
 output due to the structure of 3D discs.
- Added a hidden option "MENU_FORCE_QUICK=1"
 that will create a quick menu even when
 only one playlist is selected to be kept.
 This applies only to Quick-Play backups,
 not to imports.
- Updated code to fully support DTS Express
 secondary streams without the need for
 special processing.
- Fixed an issue in which the Quick-Plan and
 import MENU's IGS M2TS file could be
 incorrectly timed -- which could cause
 problems on some players.
- Corrected an error in which the SupTitle
 checkbox was not being properly initiated
 when the SETUP dialog form is loaded.
- Corrected an error in which some PGCs could
 be incorrectly ignored during DVD imports.
- Added a new hidden option, ALTPATH, that is
 read at program start.  This creates a path
 to a customized ALTERNATE.TXT file that can
 be created by a user. Note that the option
 must be placed in the "[Paths]" area of the
 config/INI file. See HIDDENOPTS.TXT for more
- Corrected an issue in which menu backgrounds
 created for IMPORT/Quick-Play could have
 GOP lengths that are too long when a target
 size of BD-5 or BD-9 has been selected.
- Fixed an error in backup of 3D sources to
 SBS or O/U format that could result in sizes
 that are significantly smaller than selected
- Corrected an error in which multipart VC-1
 interlaced sources or secondary video in
 movie-only mode could cause BD-RB to stop
 with "Error in attempt to MKVMERGE" during
 A/V extraction.
- Corrected an error in which the main feature
 could (under odd circumstances) be ignored
 and not appear in the BD IMPORT list.
- Fixed a problem in which collecting/using
 a menu background that used VC-1 was not
 working during BD IMPORT.
- Added FRIMDecode and FRIMEncode (v1.19) to
 BD-RB's included set of tools.
- Updated the included version of TSMUXER to
 a newer release (v2.6.11).
- Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.

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