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Post by Admin on Tue May 01, 2012 1:46 pm

Hi Smile
As far as one can.
This forum (ideally) should feel similar to that of UDVDR.

Part of this is the download.

To get the effect seen (so far) in zeb's (mine) posts.
Simply use the following:


<a href="">Download ZoneAlarm Free from</a>

Add center tags.
Replace "Downlload" with dl complete with : either side.
With cursor between the dl: Zone etc, press enter key.
This will give you the actual link, beneath "Download".

[center]<a href="">:dl:
 ZoneAlarm Free from</a>[/center]


Download similar to UDVDR 01052012142908
By zebadee_19 at 2012-05-01


Download similar to UDVDR 01052012142956
By zebadee_19 at 2012-05-01

Direct links (so no 3rd party like filehippo) are easier.

Clink on "Link".

Download similar to UDVDR 01052012143451
By zebadee_19 at 2012-05-01

In top section "red" paste link.
Bottom section "blue" type the dl (with : either side).

Download similar to UDVDR 01052012143621
By zebadee_19 at 2012-05-01

Gives you

Download similar to UDVDR 01052012143840
By zebadee_19 at 2012-05-01

To get download & link on separate links do the cursor between dl: & title, press enter.

Default will then show this on left.
You can at this point do the center tags.

Gives you

Download similar to UDVDR 01052012143912
By zebadee_19 at 2012-05-01

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