Latest beta VERSION 0.45.03 (November 9th, 2013)

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Beta Latest beta VERSION 0.45.03 (November 9th, 2013)

BD-RB v0.45.03 (beta)

- Made major changes to how the Quick-Play
reauthoring mechanism works. Implemented an
interactive menu to the reauthored output.
Now you can browse and select from multiple
titles on Quick-Play reauthored discs. This
feature applies also to all imported titles
(DVD, Videofile, and BD). This feature is
especially useful for combining and
reencoding multiple BD or DVD series discs
into a single BD-25 or BD-50. It is also
nice for creating a disc backup that comes
up-and-running without annoying leader and
sales information.
- Added significant new editing capabilities
associated with Quick-Play menu items. The
features include a dialog for viewing and/or
modifying title information for imports and
Quick-Play reauthored discs.
- Improved the algorithm for finding duplicate
playlists during import of multiple BDs via
Quick-Play reauthoring.
- Changed the MP4BOX temporary folder setting
to use the specified working folder rather
than the system default.
- Made a correction to the code related to
the hidden option FORCED_SUB_LANG. The
option wasn't working as designed in
v0.44.17. Also modified it so you can add
more than one language separated using a
semicolon. The languages are prioritized as
entered from left to right.
- Added a new hidden option REMOVE_IMPORT. If
set, BD-RB will remove the folder used for
import after the reencoding is successfully
completed. As with any auto-removal feature
you should be very careful in its use.
- Added a multiple BD import feature. Similar
to the DVD import function, if multiple BDs
are grouped together under a single selected
source folder, BD-RB gives you the option
of importing them as one (combining with the
Quick-Play reauthoring format). Please note
that the output to the IMPORT folder can be
very large (equal to all the combined source
BD folders).
- Improved the algorithm for determining title
playback order during IMPORT of DVDs or BDs.
- Added BD-50 as a selectable target size in
the OUTPUT OPTIONS menu. This should be of
particular use when creating collections via
the IMPORT functions.
- Removed DVD_IMPORT_THRESHOLD from the hidden
options. It was renamed to IMPORT_THRESHOLD,
now applies to both DVD imports and BD
imports, and is set via dialong.
- Added new option MENU_AUTO_BACKGROUND. This
setting is currently experimental to some
degree. When set to "1" (the default) it
will tell BD-RB to attempt to find and
utilize a menu background & audio track from
the source disc when doing an import or
Quick-Play encode. Set via dialog.
- Made "zlib" compression the default for MKV
output to better comply with the Matroska
standard. Also added a new hidden option
"USE_ZLIB" that is documented in the
HIDDENOPTS.TXT file. Setting this option to
"0" disables zlib compression (for the few
players that may not support it).
- Corrected an issue in which an out-of-place
secondary audio stream could cause the PIDs
to be incorrectly updated in the MPLS file
during a full backup.
- Corrected an error in which LPCM sources in
DVDs were not being imported.
- Added code that will shorten the amount of
time used to scan sources on movie-only
backups -- especially in situations where the
number of M2TS files is large.
- Fixed an error that could result in failed
rebuild due to missing .264 file on certain
multipart sources being encoded in movie-only
- Updated the included version of X264.EXE to
the latest release (r2377).
- Updated the included version of X264-64.EXE
to the latest release (r2377).
- Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.

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