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The atheist

Post by leseil612 on Wed Aug 14, 2013 7:03 pm

An atheist was on a long haul flight and sat next to him was a young girl 14 years old. The atheist prodded the young girl in the side and as she turned to look at him he said, "Would you like to have a conversation it could be very educational talking to an adult and it will certainly make the flight pass more quickly". The girl replied, "What would you like to talk about". The man smugly replied, "Why there is not a god, The universe and is there life on other planets and philosophy". The young girl said, That sounds very interesting but before we start could i ask you a question that has been confusing me". "Certainly replied the man". The girl said, "Why although deer, cows and horses all eat the same thing, grass, a deer's droppings are small and round and dry, the cow does a wet sticky pat while a horses droppings are steaming and fibrous".

The atheist mused for a while and then he said, "I have no idea why that should be". The girl then said, "Do you think that you are really qualified to talk about god, the universe, aliens and philosophy when you don't know shit". With that she picked up her book and carried on reading.
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