Embracing Technology.

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Embracing Technology.

Post by Alby on Fri Jun 07, 2013 12:45 pm

Well I'm feeling rather guilty at present, because I'm contributing to the demise of the CD...

I spent the last $90 of my birthday money on a new car stereo... A Pioneer mechless unit... that's right... it has NO CD PLAYER !!! AUX in and USB port. It was on special down from $120. Plug a USB stick with MP3 songs and bang! away it goes. I need better speakers to handle it but they'll do for now. Plug the ipod into the USB and control from the unit. You're not looking down at your ipod all the time. Stick a big enough USB stick in and you're set for weeks without changing! Easy install as it was the same size as the old Pioneer CD player.

So.... I'm happy and sad... Well I'll put my old one in Zoe's car as hers still has the cassette player. Everyone's happy....sort of.

ANyone else got one to compare ?
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