Cricket Season ! What's on in your neck of the woods ?

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Cricket Season ! What's on in your neck of the woods ?

Post by Alby on Wed Oct 31, 2012 9:54 pm

Just as the title says...

Yep, I've pulled on the whites again this season. Still enjoy playing this cursed game !

The Aussies take on South Africa in a few days time. S.A. are top of the heap at present. Hope we can be competitive. Bowling isn't too bad, it's the batting that's giving us grief.

Dave and Les's boys are 2nd I think. What are they up to at present and who's captain this month ? heh heh...

Haven't heard much hockey news Tracy.... What's happening with our Hawks Mate ?

Baseball & Football in the States...?

Football in the UK...?

Still got some Footy news... 'Tanking'... Know what that means ?

Looks like Melbourne lost games on purpose (a couple of season ago) to get lower on the ladder hence better draft picks the next year. Big investigation... Other Clubs maybe in the AFL sights as well. Not Geelong thank goodness.
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Re: Cricket Season ! What's on in your neck of the woods ?

Post by SithTracy on Wed Oct 31, 2012 10:23 pm

Baseball, over... My White Sox blew it and did not make the post season/playoffs.

Hockey (Blackhawks)... I think if they cancel the Winter Classic tomorrow, the season will not happen and there are no plans to talk. The owners locked out the players in a contract dispute of earnings. Very frustrating, and I always come back to the sport, I think after this one, I won't. Mad as hell about it. I do feel the players have a point but they picked a rep that was responsible for the baseball stop-age in 1994. This is bigger than the sport... it affects other lives too.

American Football... I watch a game or two hear and there, not for me anymore. The business of that league and some of the conduct of the players has caused me to lose interest.

Basketball season started for the men here... no Michael Jordan and too me, not as exciting without him. I am more a casual fan of that anyway. I do enjoy watching my daughter play for her junior high school team.
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