AFL Round 20... Oh boy...

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AFL Round 20... Oh boy...

Post by Alby on Tue Aug 08, 2017 11:33 pm

Well Tracy.... Andrew may have the last laugh this season.
His Sydney boys gave us a thrashing on our own ground..... by nearly 10 goals !!!
Injuries have crueled us... but Sydneys pressure and our inaccuracy in front of goal gave them the points... easily !
All bad news for us getting close to finals... 3 home & away games to play...
Biggest is our captain Joel Selwood out for at least 3 matches with a bad ankle... on top of a third of the team already out with injury...
Then... Tom Hawkins gets suspended for 2 weeks for a stupid 'jumper punch' And Mitch Duncan one week for a very soft punch to the stomach of an opponent who played it up ! (you'll see them on the highlights).... A lot is from frustration and constant bumps, holding ... that the umpires don't see.... Yes I know they need to control themselves. We see it every game we go to... It's the defenders job to do that... get under your opponents skin.....
Onto next Saturday afternoon.... against Richmond... who are playing very good footy at present and would come into this game favourites.... even though it's our home game....
We will get Dangerfield , Menzel and a couple of others back.... The Tigers will be hard to stop....

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