DVDFab PC Backup updated!

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Post by victorhan2016 on Wed May 03, 2017 9:56 am

DVDFab PC Backup updated!


DVDFab PC Backup Changelog:
New: Introduced the all-new MS SQL Server backup and recovery;
New: Added the support to backup & recover and clone between disks with different sector sizes;
New: Added the animation effect for the backup and recovery progress bar;
New: Added the support for backup reparse point when backing up the network file;
Improved: Optimized program window presentation to support Windows characteristic;
Improved: Improved system recovery quality;
Improved: Optimized file tree function to improve quality problem related to the file tree;
Improved: Optimized progress effect of incremental file backup;
Improved: Automatically refresh the disk after adding the driver;
Fixed: The task interface cannot be displayed correctly when the imported backup source is network file;
Fixed: Email account read error occurs when the same database name exists in Exchange 2007;
Fixed: The plan is not executed when setting Quick Start;
Fixed: Blue screen occurs when recovering to PCI-E disk;
Fixed: "Failed to create interface pointer ..." when editing Smart backup task;
Fixed: The created WinPE is still the trial version after activation without restarting;
Fixed: Unable to create WinPE successfully after WinPE related file download failed without restarting;
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