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  • 20181224
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    :fireworks: Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year :fireworks:


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  • 20180507
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    Hi :)
    Some of you (maybe all) could have received an email, stating the following.
    Admin  modified the address of the forum The forum is now available on this address :

    Best, the support of

    What does this mean.
    For now absolutely nothing.
    The reason for this is an increase in costs for...

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  • 20171119
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    Hello everyone,

    Following the release of Topic'it, a new mobile app to browse and participate in discussion forums, i am pleased to announce that our forum ( is now accessible on this app from your smartphones and tablets.

    Topic'it simplifies access to from your mobile devices and will allow our community to discuss and share faster on the subjects that we are passionate while remaining connected and notified.

    If you read this...

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  • 20120521
     Global announcement:
    Hi Smile
    You can now get here via

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  • 20170416
    Changelog :

    Changelog CloneBD Blu-ray Media Converter 2017-04-14
    - Fix: handle unusual SSIF layout (SSIF partially not covered by 2D m2ts stream), caused endless loop when building CPI map table.
    - Change: when heuristic attempts to determine whether a disc is a series or a movie, prefer movie, if both is possible
    - Fix: MP4 container
    - Fix: MP4 timestamps (local- > UTC)
    - Fix: MP4/AVC boxes (signature, profile)
    - Fix: possible...

    by Barough - Comments: 0 - Views: 583
  • 20170322
    Changelog :

    Changelog CloneBD Blu-ray Media Converter 2017-03-22
    - Fix: video playback of some European interlaced/telecine titles
    - Fix: A/V sync issues with some titles
    - Fix: DCA (DTS-HD) audio decoding with corrupt AUXDATA fields
    - Change: added more BD-recorder formats
    - Improved: support for 96 kHz, 192 kHz audio sampling of some DTS-HD tracks
    - minor fixes and improvements
    - updated languages Beta 2017-02-28
    - Change:...

    by Barough - Comments: 0 - Views: 593
  • 20170212
    Changelog :

    Changelog CloneBD Blu-ray Media Converter 2017-02-09 hotfix
    - Fix: on some Windows 10 installations, querying for monitor DPI failed and could cause a crash
      at startup. 2017-02-08
    - Fix: improved filter for forced subtitle frames - triggeres erasing of forced subtitles
    - Fix: fast 96000 Hz -> 48000 Hz downmixing until ffmpeg libresample is ready, should handle
      LPCM 96kHz problems
    - Workaround: Bypass AVC trash...

    by Barough - Comments: 0 - Views: 529
  • 20170121
    Changelog :

    Changelog CloneBD Blu-ray Media Converter 2017-01-20
    - Added grace period until end of February 2017 for expired licenses
    - New: support forced subtitles
    - Fix: Intel QuickSync encoder aspect ratio
    - Fix: debug output from nVidia acceleration could cause abort
    - Fix: undesired seek to end of clip during transcoding could skip clips
    - Fix: UI adjusted to work better with high DPI displays (Windows scaling factor up to apx. 150%, in case anyone...

    by Barough - Comments: 0 - Views: 590
  • 20161219
    Changelog :

    Changelog CloneBD Blu-ray Media Converter 2016-12-17
    - Fix: NTSC playback
    - Fix: Intel VC-1 decoder didn't handle repeat frames correcty
    - New: add additional tool-tip width video info for titles (fps, codec details)
    - Fix: clear subtitles when seeking or switching languages in preview player
    - Fix: problems with inverse telecine (mostly 480p)
    - Change: multiple instances of CloneBD now only block usage of an already opened...

    by Barough - Comments: 0 - Views: 433
  • 20161123
    Changelog :

    CloneBD Blu-ray Media Converter 2016-11-22
    - New: add support for hardware acceleration (nVidia CUDA, AMD UVD/VCE and Intel QuickSync). Note: Intel acceleration requires Windows 8.1 or higher
    - New: add CUDA acceleration for HEVC (for nVidia adapters, that support hw HEVC)
    - New: added quality vs. speed setting for encoders
    - New: warn, before converting titles, where no audio track was selected
    - New: log now correctly detects Windows...

    by Barough - Comments: 0 - Views: 673
  • 20160621
    Changelog :

    [b]Changelog :[/b]
    [code] 2016-06-15
    - new: MKV - supports setting default audio/subtitle track for playback
    - new: option to encode to DTS in disc mode
    - new: improved ordering: optionally show selected titles before unselected ones on selection page
    - new: display media time during processing
    - new: add DTS audio downconvert option to BD copy.
    - fix: option to reorder titles in BDMV menu was sometimes not shown...

    by Barough - Comments: 0 - Views: 695
  • 20160616
    Changelog :
    Code: 2016-06-15
    - new: MKV - supports setting default audio/subtitle track for playback
    - new: option to encode to DTS in disc mode
    - new: improved ordering: optionally show selected titles before unselected ones on selection page
    - new: display media time during processing
    - new: add DTS audio downconvert option to BD copy.
    - fix: option to reorder titles in BDMV menu was sometimes not shown or was shown, even when only one title was converted.

    by Barough - Comments: 0 - Views: 661
  • 20160413
    Changelog :
    Code: 2016-04-12
    - new: support for enhanced MPEG-2 meta info (stopped transcoding)
    - fix: some titles wouldn't work in partial-copy/original menu mode; enable nested hidden playlists.
    - fix: video preview may stop transcoding
    - fix: memory corruption led to crashing
    - fix: allow more changes of LPCM configuration between clips
    - fix: AVC/MVC parser errors
    - fix: HEVC encoding of 3D clips
    - minor fixes and improvements
    - updated...

    by Barough - Comments: 0 - Views: 559
  • 20160402
    Changelog :
    Code: 2016-04-01
    - fix: corrupt video on interlaced BDs (PAFF) [the green smut]
    - fix: transcoding hangs mostly during end credits
    - fix: transcoding hangs during extremely high video bitrate parts (> 35 Mbit/s)
    - fix: subtitle decoding on some BDs
    - fix: matroska index generation (should improve seeking)
    - fix: mp4 index
    - fix: mp4 3D (side-by-side)
    - minor fixes and improvements
    - updated languages

    by Barough - Comments: 0 - Views: 705
  • 20160213
    Changelog :
    Code: 2016-02-12
    - fix: enable and auto-configure hidden playlists when creating partial copies with original menu requested.
    - fix: previous version was incompatible with Windows XP
    - fix: change decoding of DTS-HD streams (DTS-HD HRE, DTS-HD MA, DTS-ES)
    - fix: dts channel layout is now correctly processed during transcoding
    - minor fixes and improvements
    - updated languages 2016-02-09
    - fix: selecting a new disc for processing...

    by Barough - Comments: 0 - Views: 588
  • 20160206
    Changelog :
    Code: 2016-02-04
    - new: directly burn folder/ISO to disc/ISO: when creating 1:1 copies to ISO or disc without video or audio compression the source is directly burned/assembled without intermediate transcoding.
    - new: after failed burn, allow to retain temporary files for later (re-)processing.
    - new: more support for home-made movies
    - new: more support for Blu-rays created by Nero
    - new: new format of AC-3 encoding
    - new: more support for...

    by Barough - Comments: 0 - Views: 650
  • 20160114
    Changelog :
    Code: 2016-01-14
    - new: check for available profile updates in device mode
    - new: filter downloadable devices using search patterns
    - new: support for home made videos
    - new: support for Pinnacle produced discs
    - new: support for more set-top boxes (STB) that create blu-ray like discs
    - change: assume provided screen resolution in profile list is always to be landscape format (corrects "native" resolution display for several devices)

    by Barough - Comments: 0 - Views: 545
  • 20151223
    Changelog :
    Code: 2015-12-22
    - new: option to adjust audio volume when converting to file
    - change: appearance of subtitle languages when only single selections are possible on selection page now correctly changed to "radio button style".
    - change: improved memory usage
    - fix: BD full copy: some menus (esp. Warner) wouldn't play on some hw players, due to missing CPI-Map
    - fix: prevent possible dll side-load attack during installation
    - fix: better...

    by Barough - Comments: 0 - Views: 661
  • 20151211
    Changelog :
    Code: 2015-12-10
    - new: added support for MPEG-4/AVC "PAL" frame rate
    - new: added support for MPEG-4/AVC "PAL" 4:3 aspect ratio
    - new: added support for MPEG-4/AVC recorded by Japanese BD recorders
    - new: added super-large LPCM frame support (192 kHz, 24 bit, 7.1)
    - change: improved behavior selecting the largest clip to determine appropriate bitrate when creating single-file output with multi clip movies
    - change: add immediate...

    by Barough - Comments: 0 - Views: 612
  • 20151119

    by Barough - Comments: 0 - Views: 578
  • 20151113 2015-11-13
    - new: adapt UI behavior to conform to file-mode lossless feature
    - fix: encoder/decoder buffer guards (crash while transcoding/snaphotting) 2015-11-13
    - new: added lossless video transfer preset for .mp4/.mkv (cosmetic issue: sliders for file size and resolution are technically but not visible disabled yet)
    - new: improved speed when transcoding lossless video (up to 300% faster)
    - fixed: some very large subtitles when creating files with DVD subtitle streams
    - fixed: aborts because of low memory

    by Barough - Comments: 0 - Views: 548
  • 20151110 2015-11-04
    - fix: playback of Dolby TrueHD streams on Panasonic, PS4
    - fix: playback of AC-3 on TMT
    - fixed: transcoders no longer stalls for some subtitle streams
    - updated languages, added Norwegian 2015-11-03
    - new: added support for BDs recorded by STBs (MPEG-2 1440p)
    - fix: certain GPUs deliver non-32bit aligned surfaces (resolution 720x480 or 720x576), caused crash in SSE2 VUV to RGB conversion.
    - fix: BD popup menus now work on Panasonic players
    - fix audio channel assignment to prevent errors when...

    by Barough - Comments: 0 - Views: 585
  • 20151023 2015-10-22
    - new: a debug log window can be opened through settings
    - new: ensure that user doesn't select the source path as destination path
    - new: added button to reset temporary folder (to default windows TEMP folder)
    - change: remember preferred audio/subtitle language for partial BD copies
    - change: improved estimater adds required header and TS overhead to downconverted audio for more accurate output size estimation
    - change: when overwriting an existing folder, delete existing contents of the BDMV sub-folder first
    - change:...

    by Barough - Comments: 0 - Views: 526
  • 20151017

    Changelog CloneBD Blu-ray Media Converter 2015-10-16
    - new: added support for DTS audio in .mkv (Experimental)
    - new: select default language for audio and subtitles when creating partial disc copies (selected audio/subtitle language will be active from the start of playback).
    - minor fixes and improvements
    - updated languages 2015-10-15 (beta)
    - new: added support for HEVC in .mp4 (VLC plays mp4/HEVC > ver 2.2.0)
    - new: HEVC support for Windows 32 bit (ver was Win x64 only)
    - new: size slider...

    by Barough - Comments: 0 - Views: 579
  • 20151009

    Changelog CloneBD Blu-ray Media Converter 2015-10-08
    - new: added check box to allow disabling of video preview during transcoding
    - change: select audio codec on target page instead of selecting via device profile
    - fix: crash due to small buffer allocation, when no video pitch is given.
    - fix: Re-starting other programs using ElbyCDIO, after CloneBD is uninstalled
    - minor fixes and improvements
    - updated languages 2015-10-06
    - change: combined preview and data rate plotter on progress page, eliminated...

    by Barough - Comments: 0 - Views: 584
  • 20151006

    by Barough - Comments: 0 - Views: 503
  • 20151003

    Changelog CloneBD Blu-ray Media Converter 2015-10-02
    - fix: Windows Vista + Windows 7 conflict with PCA (Program Compatibility Assistant) 2015-10-01
    - new: significantly improved processing speed
    - new: selectable subtitles in MKV
    - new: added performance information to processing page
    - new: added selective data requester that can send requested data packets by e-mail if required for bug fixing or improvements. (Users will be prompted and can deny such requests)
    - new: when running multiple instances of...

    by Barough - Comments: 2 - Views: 672
  • 20150801

    by Barough - Comments: 0 - Views: 601
  • 20150725 2015-07-24
    - new: display main video bitrate on target page (note: this bitrate currently applies to the largest clip to be converted only)
    - new: more bitrates available when converting to files/devices (allows for smaller files)
    - new: options to convert HD audio or all audio to AC3 (sorry, no DTS yet), allowing to force stereo and select bitrates. This will help reduce overall file sizes a lot in many cases, where audio quality is of no great concern.
    - change: improved transcoding speed when only compressing/converting audio
    - fix: miscalculation...

    by Barough - Comments: 0 - Views: 603
  • 20150614 2015-06-14
    - new: bt709, smpte170m color space definitions are now used/kept during transcoding
    - new: AVC High@High for Xbox One, PS4
    - new: better ATOM layout in .mp4 (allows 3rd party tools to better change "ID3"-tags)
    - new: modifyable YUV color table for subtitles in .mkv
    - change: AC3 encoder using float (not int)
    - change: memory usage reduced by 150 MB when using AVC encoder
    - changed: AVC now encoded as "zero-latency" on chapter marks
    - change: assert handling in libx264 which deadlocks drone processes
    - change:...

    by Barough - Comments: 1 - Views: 617
  • 20150601

    Download 2015-05-20

           new: option to maintain original menu with partial copies (use with caution! Discs may behave erroneously depending on what was deselected)
           change: installer updated to work with Windows 10
           change: propagate errors correctly, when HDMV menu generation fails
           change: set default button in CloneBD...

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 624
  • 20150501 2015-04-29
    - improved: error descriptions more verbose
    - change: focus on completion page. Should fix the issue causing the Alt-key sometimes not to reveal the log buttons.
    - fix: disc title would not show on certain sources, when opened from HDD
    - fix: Dolby Atmos (TrueHD) estimation causing oversize.
    - fix: resuming after pausing sometimes wouldn't resume the clock (remaining/elapsed time)
    - fix: preview while transcoding without compression was broken.
    - fix: preselecting 50GB BD-R could result in slight compression, even if not...

    by Barough - Comments: 0 - Views: 709
  • 20150426
    CloneBD 2015-04-26

    fix: CloneBD crashed when making a complete copy of a BDMV folder

    by zebadee - Comments: 1 - Views: 616
  • 20150426
    CloneBD 2015-04-26

           fix: CloneBD crashed in HDMV menu generation when making a partial copy
           updated languages

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 714
  • 20150424

    Download 2015-04-24

           new: added warning message, when resulting size exceeds the size of a BD-R50
           improved: estimate proportional size of Dolby TrueHD tracks for higher precision.
           improved: ensure, that burn engine does not write over the capacity limit in case data has oversize
           fix: in case of excessive amounts...

    by Admin - Comments: 0 - Views: 644
  • 20150419 2015-04-18
    - improved: burn engine. Some (not all) write errors we're false positives
    - improved: adjust reported unformatted blank disc sizes to expected actual capacity
    - change: preselect the respective disc size in the size selection dropdown on target page according to inserted disc. As a side effect, discs/drives reporting too large capacity have no negative impact on size output.
    - fix: Bert's error information on completion page sometimes vanished after a few seconds
    - fix: automatic disc requester did not show on burn retries (automatically...

    by Barough - Comments: 0 - Views: 721
  • 20150416

    Download 2015-04-15

           improved: rate plotter
           improved: remaining time prediction
           improved: added overhead data to estimation when doing complete copies (in some cases JAR folders are enormous)
           change: make slider automatically adjust to disc size on target page, if destination drive is not the same as source drive.

    by zebadee - Comments: 2 - Views: 677
  • 20150412

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 633
  • 20150411

    Download 2015-04-11

           change: disc hash includes additional files to better detect differences caused by decryptor tools
           change: extended burner logging
           fix: remove path delimiters from disc descriptions when deriving mkv/mp4 filenames. [#3460]

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 625
  • 20150411

    Download 2015-04-10

           new: display estimated uncompressed output size on selection page, when creating partial BD copies. [#656]
           new: add burner log to CloneBD log file to further study spurious write errors on BD-Rs
           change: improved secondary video size estimation
           change: improved drop clips with differing streams/missing...

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 659
  • 20150327
    CloneBD 2015-03-27

    fix: asynchronous writer would not flush data, which broke short files (also caused SpeedMenus to fail)
    fix: watermark detection was broken
    new: allow direct jump to main title (bypassing the menu) on playback of converted...

    by zebadee - Comments: 2 - Views: 750
  • 20150326
    CloneBD 2015-03-26

    fix: estimator values were not correctly retrieved from cache
    fix: chapter mark filtering in clipping mode.
    fix: improved error detection when video encoder fails
    fix: properly add .mkv/.mp4 chapter markers

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 648
  • 20150325

    by zebadee - Comments: 2 - Views: 752
  • 20150325

    by Barough - Comments: 0 - Views: 599
  • 20150320
    CloneBD 2015-03-19

    change: reduced the expected capacity for blu-ray media slightly
    change: sorting order of audio streams in file/device output
    change: optimize PMT (Program Map Table) generation
    change: added more attribute...

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 653
  • 20150311
    CloneBD 2015-03-11

    fix: crash when creating log file after source disc was removed.
    fix: audio delay with some streams (too much audio, or audio behind video)
    fix: Burner SDK bug writing sectors twice, then aborting with ERROR...

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 716
  • 20150226
    CloneBD 2015-02-26
    new: added new sound files
    new: added sound when CloneBD requests to swap the medium for burning
    new: limit burn speed to 6x, because supported speeds reported by the drive are sometimes far higher than possible. Can be switched off in settings (use with...

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 663
  • 20150219
    CloneBD 2015-02-19
    new: log file system names of destination drives
    new: added additional log information for spurious "ERROR 4" results when burning
    change: improved write speed on uncompressed Blu-ray copies.
    change: improved plug&play behavior when drives get connected...

    by zebadee - Comments: 2 - Views: 691
  • 20150216
    CloneBD 2015-02-16
    new: log textual representations of error codes
    fix: snapshots weren't correctly placed according to timestamps, also partly black images.
    fix: ensure correct capacity report for unformatted BD-Rs
    updated languages

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 618
  • 20150214
    CloneBD 2015-02-13
    new: added profiles for MKV lossless audio and core audio
    new: additional log entries for inserted media type (burn) and unselected streams
    new: better support for iPhone 6
    change: data rate graph left aligned to touch the y-axis
    change: allow...

    by zebadee - Comments: 3 - Views: 630
  • 20150207 2015-02-06
    - New: suppress display energy saving during preview playback
    - New: burn multiple discs (select in dropdown box on processing page)
    - New: added more DTS audio configurations [#919]
    - Change: force y-axis base in data rate plotter to zero
    - Change: reduced update interval of data rate plotter
    - Change: copy instead of recompress small still images
    - Fix: ensure empty temp path, sometimes residue from aborted transcodes was left over
    - Fix: fixed several burning issues
    - Fix: single frame menu background streams...

    by Barough - Comments: 5 - Views: 795
  • 20150122 2015-01-21
    New: Data rate display. While transcoding, user can switch now between preview and data rate (preview disabled completely)
    New: Added support for a different EAC-3 extension encoding found on some Disney Blu-ray (e.g. Brave)
    Change: Optimized transcoding engine
    Change: Faster preview...

    by zebadee - Comments: 1 - Views: 614
  • 20150106
    CloneBD 2015-01-05
    New: Preliminary support for Chromecast (full support in a couple of days)
    Fix: Crash when reading unusually long descriptors. [#670 #670, #673, #677, #678, #679, #684, #685, #692, #698, #706]
    Fix: Crash in some situations when disc has been removed after...

    by zebadee - Comments: 3 - Views: 604
  • 20141224
    CloneBD 2014-12-23
    New: Disable beaver animation in settings [#338]
    Change: Autofill titlestrip on player page before playback [#596]
    Change: Sort installed devices in "add devices" window by manufacturer THEN by name [#340]
    Change: Licenses will not expire before Jan 18th 2017 to accommodate early adopters [#600]
    Change: Update [E]AC-3 parser to newest standard
    Fix: Eject behaviour when ejecting while transcoding [#341]
    Fix: Tooltips from obscured elements sometimes showed through popup windows.

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 581

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