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    Hi :)
    Some of you (maybe all) could have received an email, stating the following.
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    What does this mean.
    For now absolutely nothing.
    The reason for this is an increase in costs for...

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    Hi Smile
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  • 20150601
    BD-RB v0.50.07 (beta)

    May 18th, 2015 - v0.50.07
    - Corrected proper log reporting of selected decoder type when a 2D movie-only playlist is used on a disc containing 3D content.
    - Corrected an issue in which original audio may be kept for ALTERNATE backup -- even though "*" (constant quality) is selected as the audio bitrate.
    - Corrected an incorrect representation...

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 1637
  • 20150414
    BD-RB v0.50.06 (beta)

    April 12th, 2015 - v0.50.06
    - Modified the one-pass CRF routines so that a CRF encoding oversize of 2% or more will automatically cause a second pass for size correction.
    - Added MENU_BACKDROP_AUTOSIZE as a new hidden option. When set to "1" the menu backdrop will highlight only the number of items in the list.
    - Modified MENU_TOP hidden option....

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 974
  • 20150316
    BD-RB v0.50.05 (beta)

    - Updated Quick-Menu code. Now multiple menu
    pages are created when more menu items are
    present than will fit on one page. Applies
    to menus created with Quick-Menu or Imports.
    - Added a new hidden option MENU_MAXITEMS that
    limits the number of menu items to be shown
    on each menu page. See HIDDENOPTS.TXT.
    - Added...

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 779
  • 20150218
    BD-RB v0.50.04 (beta)

    - Added an option to keep play-all sequences to the IMPORT settings. Rarely a disc may contain a structure that can mask some of the wanted playlists/PGCs that appear to be redundant. This option tells BD-RB to list all playlists/PGCs even it one or more may appear to be a "Play All" sequence. You can then remove or keep after reviewing in the menu/title...

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 978
  • 20150122
    BD-RB v0.50.03 (beta)

    - Improved prediction of audio size when auto ALTERNATE audio bitrate an a target size is selected.
    - Added a new audio option to the SETUP dialog that enables use of a special type of Dynamic Range Compression. This option will improve some audio tracks where quieter sounds, like conversations, can be lost due to playback volume adjustments needed for...

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 969
  • 20141228
    BD-RB v0.50.02 (beta)

    December 28th, 2014 - v0.50.02
    - Added a new hidden option. IVTC_METHOD lets you choose between DECOMB and TIVTC as the inverse telecining method. Usage is defined in HIDDENOPTS.TXT.
    - Added the ability to add multiple playlists to the batch queue when ALTERNATE output is selected. The feature can be accessed by a right click in the queue area (if...

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 976
  • 20141206
    BD-RB v0.50.01 (beta)

    December 5th, 2014 - v0.50.01
    - Corrected an issue in which a source that contains empty PGS streams could cause a failure when muxing to MKV files.
    - Corrected a problem where encodes of stereo AC3 was using 192Kbs rather than 224Kbs.
    - Corrected an error that could cause encode failure in CreateAVS() when an MPEG2 source is encountered while...

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 765
  • 20141026
    BD-RB v0.49.05 (beta)

    October 9th, 2014 - v0.49.05
    - Modified BD-RB so it looks to ensure that LAV filters are set as the preferred decoder when they are installed in support of BD-RB.
    - Gave LAV filters priority as the preferred decoder when both LAV and HAALI/FFDSHOW is installed.
    - Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 873
  • 20140929
    BD-RB v0.49.02 (beta)

    September 29th, 2014 - v0.49.02
    - Modified processing so that MPEG-2 sources use DEGINDEX and DGDECODE for decoding when DirectshowSource() is selected. This will result in more accurate encoding and sync. This is especially true when LAVFilters are used and iVTC has been selected.
    - Corrected an issue in which BD-RB could inappropriately keep an...

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 1282
  • 20140904
    BD-RB v0.48.05 (beta)

    September 3nd, 2014 - v0.48.05
    - Corrected an error in which importing DVD
    subtitles with "Import languages limit..."
    selected could result in "Runtime Error 9,
    subscript out of range".
    - Correct an error in which at startup a
    popup window will state "FFMS2.DLL missing".
    - Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 1040
  • 20140903
    BD-RB v0.48.04 (beta)

    - Modified execution so that, even though
    HAALI/FFDSHOW are still not required, they
    are recommended and the DirectshowSource
    filter will still become the default frame
    server when they are installed. Also, on
    systems using Windows versions earlier than
    Win7, some options will be disabled when
    HAALI/FFDSHOW are not...

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 941
  • 20140830
    BD-RB v0.48.03 (beta)

    - Corrected an issue in which ALTERNATE output
    to DVD was no longer working as of release of
    v0.48.01 due to HC encoder issues associated
    with the necessary FFVideoShow seek mode.
    - Corrected an error that could prevent preview
    from working when HAALI/FFDSHOW is not
    installed and DGDecNV or FRIM is selected.

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 894
  • 20140825
    BD-RB v0.48.02 (beta)

    - Corrected an issue in which some DVD subtitle
    imports could result in "- Source issue, sub-
    title n ignored"
    - Corrected an issue in which deselecting and
    then attempting to select "FFVideoSource" as
    the frame server (from the SETUP dialog) would
    cause an attempt to browse for DGDecIM.
    - Made some modifications...

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 816
  • 20140824
    BD-RB v0.48.01 (beta)

    - Added FFVideoSource() as the defaut decoding
     option.  This means that FFDSHOW and HAALI
     are no longer required for operation (except
     when support for DirectshowSource is forced).
     Note: When this option is selected MPEG-2
     decoding is accomplished by DGDecode.
    - Added a new hidden option DSHOW which will

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 761
  • 20140804
    BD-RB v0.47.07 (beta)

    .- Corrected an error that could prevent keeping
     the original video in sources with multipart
     playlists in a movie-only backup, even though
     it will fit without reencoding.
    - Added code to prefer 3D playlists over non-3D
     playlists when selecting the default playlist
     for movie-only encoding. Note:  The selected

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 732
  • 20140505
    BD-RB v0.47.06 (beta)

    - Corrected an error in which an M2TS that is
    referenced in a 2D MPLS before a 3D MPLS could
    cause the source to be treated as 2D only.
    Selecting 5 combines SmoothDeinterlacer and
    Decomb(blend=true). This can work well on some
    difficult sources.
    - Removed the...

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 813
  • 20140424
    BD-RB v0.47.05 (beta)

    - Corrected an issue in which multipart sources
    that have secondary (PiP) video could, under
    certain circumstances, lose a portion of the
    primary video stream. This could result in
    a video glitch and probable audio desynch.
    - Fixed an issue in "Import Videofile(s)" that
    could, under certain circumstances, lose a

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 845
  • 20140407
    BD-RB v0.47.04 (beta)

    - Implemented 3D Full Backup Mode. Note that
    BD-RB converts 3D method so that the SSIF
    folder is no longer required -- the method
    is 100% compliant with the BD standard.
    - Due to the changes in the way 3D is handled,
    BD-RB no longer outputs to ISO by default on
    movie-only 3D encodes. It can be enabled...

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 1145
  • 20140304
    BD-RB v0.46.14 (beta)

    - Corrected an issue that could jumble menu
     order and/or edited titles when importing
     from BD sources.
    - Modified LAVF processing so it now uses the
     original M2TS file for encoding rather than
     the extracted video file. This should reduce
     the required working folder free disc space,
     may slightly improve speed,...

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 846
  • 20140217
    BD-RB v0.46.13 (beta)

    - Made a change to the processing of intact
     video sources. This will eliminate blocking
     artifacts that might be (rarely) introduced
     in recent versions of TSMUXER.
    - Further improved the algorithm for encoding
     with LAVF frame serving. Due to updates in
     newer versions of X264s LAVF, more source
     formats are directly...

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 733
  • 20140206

    BD-RB v0.46.11 (beta)

    - Fixed an issue introduced in v0.46.10 in
    which a BD-3D source that is targeted for
    SBS output (BD or ALTERNATE) will fail
    during the encode phase.
    - Corrected maximum bitrate for output in SBS
    mode from 3D sources.
    - Changed process so that DGIndexNV does not
    run when a FRIMSource() is in effect (when

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 792
  • 20140131

    BD-RB v0.46.07 (beta)

    - Added a new type of IMPORT function. BD-RB
    will now import video files in 3D side-by-
    side (SBS) format, and when reencoding the
    created pseudo source to BD-5/9/25/50 they
    will be converted back to standard MVC for
    3D playback in 3D-capable BD players.
    - Corrected an error the could result in a

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 740
  • 20140126

    BD-RB v0.46.05 (beta)

    - Modified the log display so that messages
    that do not apply to 3D backups are not
    displayed during 3D mode.
    - Added a new option under the SETTINGS
    dialog, By selecting "Process 3D Video
    sources as 2D for backup", you can tell
    BD-RB to create 2D backups of 3D sources.
    - Fixed an error in which the DOWNRESIZE

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  • 20140111

    BD-RB v0.46.03 (beta)

    - Added fully BD compliant 3D support for
     movie-only backups. SBS and O/U 3D output
     is still supported via selection of the
     "Enable SBS 3D Movie-Only output" option
     in the setup menu and the "TYPE_OF_3D"
     hidden option output, but is not the pre-
     ferred 3D method. NOTE: This feature
     requires Windows 7...

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 1391
  • 20131201

    BD-RB v0.45.05 (beta)

    - Fixed an error in which an unmounted IMPORT
     source no longer causes "Runtime error 52".
    - Corrected an issue that caused MENU items to
     be incorrectly displayed when Quick-Play
     mode is selected and editing results in
     items being reordered or removed.
    - Fixed an error in which TWEAK_ALTERNATE was
     not being applied...

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 761
  • 20131110

    BD-RB v0.45.03 (beta)

    - Made major changes to how the Quick-Play
    reauthoring mechanism works. Implemented an
    interactive menu to the reauthored output.
    Now you can browse and select from multiple
    titles on Quick-Play reauthored discs. This
    feature applies also to all imported titles
    (DVD, Videofile, and BD). This feature is

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 729
  • 20130921

    BD-RB v0.44.17 (beta)

    - Added code in movie-only mode that extracts
     forced subtitles into an independent stream
     and sets them to "selected" for playback.
    - Added a new hidden option "FORCED_SUB_LANG"
     that allows a user to select which language
     is preferred for forced subs.  The default
     is "eng" -- and it will be also be used when

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 949
  • 20130817

    BD-RB v0.44.16 (beta)

    - Corrected an issue in which MKV files that have audio offsets were not being adjusted properly during import.
    - Fixed a problem in MKV generation on sources with a fairly large number of parts that could result in a "Failed to REBUILD" error.
    - Corrected an error in which rebuild of MPEG-2 sources could, under certain circumstances, create an...

    by zebadee - Comments: 0 - Views: 910
  • 20121216
    Hi Smile
    Very latest beta... Wink

    December 15th, 2012 - v0.42.6
    - Added information to the video import routine so it would properly handle AVI files with the "DX50" fourcc value.
    - Updated video file imports so that SRT streams contained in MKV files will be included in the pseudo source muxing.
    - Corrected an error in which forced subtitles were not being carried over into ALTERNATE movie-only DVD output.

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  • 20120920

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  • 20120909

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  • 20120811

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  • 20120722

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  • 20120609

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  • 20120423
    Hi Smile
    Very latest beta... Wink

    BD-RB v0.40.09 (beta)

    Help with development of new apps: Donations


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